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There are a lot of things we in Pakistan are good at, one of those things is our decorative arts. Be it in our clothes, or architecture or everyday stuff in life; the use of colors and motifs present in our culture is unparalleled. We do what we do simply because we fell in love with the beauty of our handmade carpets and the joy and experience it brings to lives of our customers.

Qaleen is inspired by richness and colors in 7,000 years history of weaving textiles as one of the oldest human civilizations in Indus Valley. We made designer textiles in the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro when the world had yet to learn weaving and dress.

Qaleen is the manifestation of the desire to decorate homes around the world with the beauty of our hand-woven carpets. With 16 years of exporting beautiful hand-woven carpets to over 50 countries and decorating thousands of homes around the world, Qaleen has finally decided to serve its home country, Pakistan.

We believe a Qaleen is only hand-woven with natural organic materials like Wool, Silk and Cotton; a Qaleen is symbol of love, patience and labor of hundreds of man-hours, a product born out of human life, love and labor. Machine-made on the other hand are made with cheap synthetic materials made by cold lifeless metallic beasts. A Qaleen is a product of human love and labor. 

We sell qaleen that looked good decades and centuries ago, and will still look good decades and centuries from now. We help preserve traditional craftsmanship that we feel is too beautiful a world heritage to lose.

The Name

Qaleen قالین simply means ‘rug’ or ‘carpet’ in Urdu language. Since we wanted to stay connected to our ancient roots, we never thought of calling ourselves a carpet company. We are simply Qaleen.

Why Qaleen?

The world is full of thoughtless, careless design—you can't control any of that. What you can control is what goes on inside your own home. Great design is not a bunch of isolated, individual, beautiful things. It's about how all of those carefully chosen elements contribute to one beautiful home. We sell that missing piece.

We have built a network of weavers, artisans and collectors throughout Pakistan to supply unique handmade qaleen.

Services hallmark:

  • Unlimited selection, with thousands of Qaleen to choose from
  • Cash on Delivery, pay at the time of delivery
  • Free shipping, all over Pakistan
  • Try at Home, feel a Qaleen before you pay
  • Globally recognized, our Qaleen are sold in over 50 countries

Our customers know us for providing them with the most authentic cultural artifacts for their homes.

Yasir Hussain Sheikh, Founder

Yasir Hussain Sheikh started his quest as a Qaleen aficionado and enthusiast 16 years ago. Listening to stories of his grand-father’s family who traded in Persian Qaleen and woven some in Pakistan, Yasir was fascinated by beauty and charm of handmade Qaleen at an early age. Aladdin’s flying carpet did the rest.

Probably the only one of his generation who ventured into the Pakistan’s once rich and mighty Qaleen-making business, Yasir had always thought of process of creation as the ultimate worship to The Creator, Khuda. And the tribute has to be pleasing. And beautiful. Apt then, he was making and selling beautiful Qaleen to make Khudai’s lives happier and their memories long-lasting.

Yasir has technology background which enabled him to serve a much wider audience around the world than was thought possible by many. Today, Qaleen aims to become one stop shop for all the finer Qaleen weavings for its lovers and collectors.